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08 June 2018

New Work of Art Creates Sensational Passage Through the Maersk Tower

Art in the Maersk Tower

The internationally acclaimed artist Alicja Kwade is behind the new work of art, Pars pro Toto, for the Maersk Tower. The piece consists of 13 stone balls of different sizes and species, which together will create a passage from Blegdamsvej through the Maersk Tower lobby to Nørre Allé.

You can sit on them, touch them and walk through them. The new work of art, Pars pro Toto, at the Maersk Tower is a fascinating sculpture group consisting of 13 stone balls 0.4-2.5 metres in diameter. The balls will be placed in a playful formation stretching from the Panum footpath by Nørre Allé through the Maersk Tower lobby to the square facing Blegdamsvej.

The stones are made of materials from Europe, Asia and South America, respectively, reflecting the international research environment at the faculty. The structure and stratification of the stones, which have taken millions of years to develop, will make up a sort of timeline.

‘The Maersk Tower art strategy aims to reflect the changeability of reality and of the building, the science and the people in the tower. Via its spatiality and international foundation, the new work of art interprets this idea beautifully. I am sure it will delight both students and staff at SUND’, says Dean Ulla Wewer and stresses that the location of part of the piece in the square in front of the Maersk Tower will make it a natural part of the urban space and an invitation to passers-by and visitors.

‘As if God Plays Marble’

The internationally acclaimed artist behind the work, Alicja Kwade, describes her work ‘as if God plays marble’. She is originally from Poland, but now lives in Berlin, and her work is exhibited all over the world. In addition to the piece for the Maersk Tower, she will be doing a solo exhibition at Kunsthal Charlottenborg this fall, and in that connection a book on her work will be published.

The Maersk Tower sculpture will be installed in December and inaugurated in January 2019 alongside the Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson’s video piece for the indoor spaces; the latter is a reinterpretation of the traditional mural.

Photos: (c) Studio Alicja Kwade.