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23 November 2017

The Maersk Tower and Campus Park Win International Prizes


The Maersk Tower won a prestigious architecture prize at the World Architecture Festival in Berlin. At the same time, the Campus Park including the green roofs of the tower has won the landscape architecture prize the Scandinavian Green Roof Award.

Staff and students at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences have been given functional, beautiful facilities which have now received international prizes

A Sculptural and Sustainable Tower

The Maersk Tower has received the prize for best project in the category ‘Higher Education & Research’ at the World Architecture Festival recently held in Berlin. The jury argued, among other things, that the sculptural tower constitutes an intelligent way of expanding a campus, which, in addition to adding many functional and beautiful square metres, also has given the faculty and local area a beautifully landscaped space in front of the tower.

In addition to being a new and notable landmark in Nørrebro, the Maersk Tower is also the most energy-efficient laboratory building in the country; the energy strategy includes e.g. reuse of energy from the ventilation system and heating of secondary rooms using surplus heat from primary facilities.

The Maersk Tower is designed by C. F. Møller and expands the faculty with state-of-the-art research facilities and inviting common areas.

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A Park that Invites You In

At the base of the Maersk Tower the landscape architects SLA have created a beautiful, green campus park that opens the faculty towards the local area. For their impressive and innovative work SLA and the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences receive the Scandinavian Green Roof Award 2017.

Among other things, the jury from the Scandinavian Green Infrastructure Association focussed on the park’s climate-friendly design, which means that the densely built-up urban area has been endowed with a green space able to accommodate large amounts of rain water from heavy showers. The Campus Park contains, among other things, a long, beautiful path zigzagging through the green area and above the lowest buildings of the tower. The lower buildings of the tower also have green roofs. 

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Drone vidoe of the Maersk Tower and the Campus Park