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30 March 2017

Focus on Odontological Research in ‘Sundhedsmagasinet’


On 4 April ’Sundhedsmagasinet’ on DR focuses on the disease periodontitis, which, according to research conducted at the Department of Odontology, can be predicted and prevented by examining the saliva before the disease appears clinically. Two researchers from SUND participate in the programme.

Half of the population above the age of 50 suffers from the gum disease periodontitis – also known as paradentosis. Periodontitis does not just affect the teeth; it can also cause damage to other parts of the body. ‘Sundhedsmagasinet’ shows how periodontitis may also affect as vital an organ as the heart.

Luckily, there is hope for patients with periodontitis. New research conducted at the Department of Odontology at SUND indicates that saliva tests may be one way of uncovering the disease even before it appears. Listen to Professor Palle Holmstrup and PhD student Maria Anastasia Grande talk about this in the programme.

’Sundhedsmagasinet’ is aired on Tuesdays at 21:55 on DR1 and can subsequently be streamed on