Focus on Brain Repairs in New DR Programme with Steven Goldman – University of Copenhagen

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16 March 2017

Focus on Brain Repairs in New DR Programme with Steven Goldman

Brain research

Monday 20 March at 21:30 Professor at Center for Neuroscience Steven Goldman participates in the first episode of the new TV series Modern Miracles on DR2, where he talks about his research into using stem cells to treat brain diseases.

Steven Goldman is showing the host Jason Watt microscope images in a stem cell laboratory at Panum.

Modern Miracles (Moderne Mirakler in Danish) is a new programme on DR2, where former racing driver Jason Watt explores new, ground-breaking technological and scientific developments. 

In the first episode Professor and Brain Scientist Steven Goldman from Center for Neuroscience at SUND talks about the future potential for using stem cells to repair damaged brain tissue and, thus, treat hitherto incurable neurological conditions. While talking he shows Jason laboratories, test mice and minus 144-degree stem cell freezers at Panum.

The programme also shows how two people who were born deaf –­ adult Alex and two-year-old Benjamin ­– can gain hearing by being fitted with a so-called ‘cochlear implant’ at Rigshospitalet, which takes over the function of a defect inner ear.

The programme can be seen on Monday 20 March at 21:30 on DR2 and subsequently on