Architecture and background

The architecture of the Maersk Tower is based on an idea of creating communities – between researchers, students and the city. The Maersk Tower – with its 3,300 copper shutters and relief-like expression, state-of-the-art research facilities and inviting campus park - serves to open the university towards the local area in a beautifully designed and varied green urban space.


Nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2019

News article from Dagens Byggeri (in Danish)

The Chicago Athenaeum: The International Architecture Award for 2018

August 2018
News article from The C.F.Møller Instagram Account

ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Architecture Selection

August 2018
Category: Architecture with distinction
News article from C.F. Møller and Forbundet Arkitekter og Designere

Sustainable Campus Excellence Award

June 2018
Category: Building and innovative infrastructure
News article from C.F. Møller

The municipality of Copenhagen rewards the Maersk Tower

May 2018
News article from C.F. Møller

MIPIM 2018 Award

March 2018
Category: Best Healthcare Development
News article from C.F. Møller and MIPIM Awards 

Scandinavia Green Roof Award

December 2017
News article from Scandinavian Green Roof, State of Green and

The society for the embellishment of the capital (Foreningen Hovedstadens Forskønnelse)

December 2017
News article from C.F. Møller

World Architecture Festival

November 2017
Category: Higher Education & Research
News article from C.F. Møller and

European Copper in Architecture Award

November 2017
News article from C.F. Møller