Graduate surveys at SUND

At UCPH, graduate surveys are conducted for all study programme types every other year. The Ministry of Higher Education and Science conducts graduate surveys for professional bachelor and Master’s programmes. UCPH conducts graduate surveys for Bachelor’s, academy, diploma and professional master’s programmes


The purpose of conducting graduate surveys is to:

  • Investigate how different aspects of the graduates’ course of study have an impact on their subsequent employment
  • Obtain knowledge about the graduates’ assessment of the extent to which the competences they have acquired on their study programme are relevant and required for the jobs they land after they have completed their programme
  • Gather suggestions for improvements of the graduates’ study programmes, so that they make the graduates even better equipped for the labour market.
  • Provide prospective and current students with knowledge about possible career paths
  • Gather information for programme evaluations, which are performed for all SUND’s study programmes every six years.





The graduate surveys are conducted based on a joint questionnaire for each type of study programme, which makes it possible to compare the results across the University’s different study programmes. To be invited to participate, graduates must have completed their programme at least one year before the survey.

Questions are asked based on four study themes:

  • The graduates’ employment: Survey of the graduates’ employment situation
  • Relevance: The link between education and labour market, including whether the graduates land jobs at the right level and whether they see the competences they have acquired during their studies as being relevant to the competences they use in the labour market
  • Transition from education to labour market: Analysis of how graduates land jobs
  • Quality of education: Assessment of coherence and progression during the study programme, intended learning outcomes and the overall quality of the study programme.



The study board for the individual study programme is responsible for follow-up on the graduate survey. This is done in consultation with the employer panel of the study programme and the Dean’s Office.

In connection with the reporting, the head of studies and the study board receive quantitative and qualitative data. In the years in which the material is included in a programme evaluation, the Department of Student Affairs (AUS) at SUND prepares a presentation and a summary memo. The material is discussed by the study board, after which AUS prepares a summary of the study board’s discussions and decision on follow-up. The quantitative data material and summary are subsequently published on UCPH’s intranet (KUnet).




For copies of graduate surveys, please send a request to SUND’s evaluation unit via email:

If you have access to the University of Copenhagen’s intranet (KUnet), graduate surveys from 2015 and onwards are available here.