Core Facilities and Other Facilities

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences has a number of core facilities. The core facilities are partly subsidized by the Faculty.

The facilities are available to researchers at the University of Copenhagen, other universities and hospitals as well as to external collaborators. The different services of the core facilities charge subsidized user fees depending on the affiliation of the user.

There are some really good core facilities here and that was a factor in my decision to relocate my research group to Copenhagen. I work on frogs using the xenopus as a model and the facilities for frogs are really outstanding. There's also been significant investment leading to the creation of genuinely world class transgenic facilities.

 Professor Josh Brickman

Danstem, Danish Stem Cell Institute

In addition, the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences has a number of other experimental facilities and advanced infrastructures. These facilities are available depending on the prioritized use of the facility. They cannot be booked online, but you can make an agreement with the contact person for the facility, as listed on the facility webpage. Typically you agree in advance on the extent of use, the cost coverage, and the conditions for acknowledging the use of the professional services of the facility in subsequent research papers (e.g. as acknowledgement of contribution or co-authorship).

Please contact the facility in question to obtain information on access.