Recording footage at the faculty

You must always have an appointment if you want to take pictures or record videos at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

You make an appointment via Communications by use of a video recording inquiry form (in Danish)

In the form you need to state:

  1. Date of recording
  2. Duration / length of recording session
  3. Where the recordings are to take place
  4. Contents of the recordings
  5. The project for which the recordings are to be used
  6. Involved contact person at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (if any), including name and contact information.
  7. Your contact information/company

Communications pond to inquiries about recordings within 3 working days.

Please contact us at if you have questions or need help to fill out the form.

Criteria for recordings at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences









Consent and GDPR

It is at all times the responsibility of the external party to ensure written consent prior to recordings. As well as ensure that the material is stored or published in accordance with applicable personal data rules and regulations.