1 The author submits the doctoral dissertation.
2 A Select Committee under the Academic Council recommends members for the assessment committee.
3 The author is notified of the composition of the assessment committee and given the option to raise an objection (see the Ministerial Order, section 9).
4 The assessment committee is presented to the Academic Council for approval (see the Ministerial Order, section 8).
5 Once the institution has made the final decision on the composition of the assessment committee, the author is notified of this and of the stipulation that allows the dissertation to be withdrawn from assessment within eight days. After the expiry of this time limit and until the committee’s final report is received, the dissertation may only be withdrawn from assessment in special circumstances and if the Dean allows it (see the Ministerial Order, section 9 (2)).
6 The assessment committee has a three-month deadline for its work.