Positive recommendation

(Unanimous assessment committee)

1 The assessment committee provides a written report describing the grounds for their decision to recommend the dissertation for acceptance for defence or for rejection (see the Ministerial Order, section 10). The chair of the committee submits a list of the order of the opponents if the committee recommends acceptance.
2 A Select Committee under the Academic Council ensures that the assessment committee’s recommendation meets all of the formal requirements and recommends a chair of the defence ceremony to the Academic Council.
3 The author receives the final recommendation (see the Ministerial Order, Section 11).

The Academic Council receives the assessment committee’s recommendation for consultation and approval (see the Ministerial Order, Section 13). The Academic Council approves the order of the opponents and the chair of the defence ceremony if the dissertation is accepted for defence. If questions arise about the approval, the case is heard at the next meeting of the Academic Council.