Negative recommendation

(Three negative)

1 The assessment committee provides a written report describing the grounds for their decision to recommend the dissertation for rejection.
The report must be suitably objective and provide a sufficient basis for a decision (see the Ministerial Order, section 10).
2 A Select Committee under the Academic Council ensures that the assessment committee’s recommendation meets all of the formal requirements.
3 If the report recommends rejection, the author is notified that, within a period of three weeks, written objections to the report may be submitted or the dissertation may be withdrawn from further consideration (see the Ministerial Order, section 11 (2)).
3a The author withdraws the dissertation (see the Ministerial Order, section 11 (3)).
3b If the author submits comments
When the author has submitted comments the Academic Council votes on the assessment committee’s recommendation (see the Ministerial Order, section 13). In order to clarify any doubts about the recommendation, members of the assessment committee who are not also members of the collegiate body concerned may be summoned to consider the recommendation with at least two weeks’ notice (see the Ministerial Order, section 12).

If the decision is taken to not follow the assessment committee’s recommendation, the matter is treated by an extended assessment committee (see the Ministerial Order, section 13).