Doctoral Degrees Awarded in 2019



Title of Dissertation Conferment of the Degree Kirstine Callø The Transient Outward Potassium Current in Healthy and Diseased Hearts 23 January 2019 Shoaib Afzal A Population-based Study on Vitamin D, Body Mass Index, Morbidity, and Mortality 30 January 2019 Tea Skaaby Identifying causes and consequences of allergic disease, asthma, and lung function 7 February 2019 Pia Therese Jæger Adductor canal block for total knee arthroplasty  12 February 2019 Martin Nue Møller

The Endolymphatic Sac
Molecular inner ear biology connecting past, present and future

1 April 2019 Tina Dysgaard Jeppesen

The effect of mutated mtDNA on skeletal muscle: Insights through a series of physiological studies

8 April 2019

Kristiane Barington

Forensic evaluation of bruises in pigs

24 June 2019

John Bro-Jeppesen

Post cardiac arrest syndrome
Pathophysiological and prognostic aspects of systemic inflammation and endothelial dysfunction

1 July 2019

Kristian Karstoft

Interval training for subjects with type 2 diabetes

3 Juli 2019

Lone Baandrup

Benzodiazepines and antipsychotics in severe mental illness: Optimizing and characterizing prescribing practice

12 July 2019

Marie Kim Wium-Andersen

Biological and Lifestyle Risk Factors for Depression in the General Population

16 August 2019

Kristoffer Lindskov Hansen

Cardiac vector flow imaging

26 September 2019