Guidelines for Fees and Reimbursements

1. Assessment Fee

The standard assessment fee is an amount corresponding to 20 hours of work. Please note that the chairperson will not receive an assessment fee, as assessment work is entailed in his/her employment by the Faculty.

2. Travel Expenses

Reimbursable travel expenses include airfare, accommodation, ground transportation, and journeys in your own vehicle.

As a general rule, the cheapest means of transportation possible should be selected.

  • Airfare: The maximum reimbursable airfare is economy class. If you purchase an upgraded seat, please deduct the price difference between an economy class ticket and the upgraded ticket.
  • Ground transportation: Taxi, train, metro, ferry, tolls, parking, and similar may be reimbursed using the assessment fee form. Transportation by Uber will not be reimbursed.
  • Transportation in your own vehicle: Transportation in your own vehicle must be specified in the assessment fee form, and will be covered at the current rate of DKK 1.93 per kilometre.

3. Accommodation

  • Hotel: The maximum reimbursable hotel accommodation is DKK 1,020 per night with a maximum of one night from European and two to three nights from overseas destinations.

    Please ask your hotel to note “KU-Blegdamsvej 3B” on the hotel invoice (instead of your name and private address) and ask for the final invoice when checking out - otherwise we will not be able to reimburse the expense. If you booked and paid your hotel stay online, please also ask the hotel for the final invoice when checking out.

  • Private accommodation: Private, undocumented accommodation will be reimbursed at the current rate of DKK 205 per night. Please state the number of nights in the assessment fee form under 'Accommodation'.

4. Reimbursement of Expenses

4.1 Assessors Residing Abroad

  • Please complete the assessment fee form electronically and return it to
  • Please include scanned copies of all your receipts.
  • All expenses must be listed in the currency in which they were paid reflecting the amount on the receipts. The form automatically converts foreign currencies to Danish kroner based on the current exchange rates.
  • When selecting your bank location in the drop down list, you also select the currency of your reimbursement.
  • Reimbursements will be transferred to your personal account only.
    If you need reimbursement for a VAT-registered institution, please e-mail a formal invoice issued to University of Copenhagen, Blegdamsvej 3B, 2200 Copenhagen N. The VAT number is: DK29979812.

4.2 Assessors Residing in Denmark (with a Danish CPR Number)

  • Travel expenses must be registered and reimbursed through the self-service system RejsUd. If you prefer the University of Copenhagen to register your expenses in RejsUd on your behalf, please fill in your assessment fee form and e-mail it to us along with your receipts.
  • If you are not already a registered user, you will need a personal login from the Doctoral Degree Administration.
  • Please scan your receipts as PDF files prior to initiating your reimbursement process in RejsUd.
  • Guidelines for completion will be available in RejsUd when you log in to the system.
  • Please find a brief introduction to RejsUd in the upper right-hand box.