The Public Defence

If The Academic Council accepts a doctoral dissertation for a public defence, the author is asked to set a date that suits the assessment committee as well as the appointed chair of the defence ceremony.

Additionally, the author is responsible for booking suitable facilities and all other practical arrangements relating to the defence.

The Defence Ceremony

  1. The chair of the defence ceremony asks the audience to rise. The chair of the assessment committee leads the author and the official opponents to their seats.
  2. The chair of the defence ceremony welcomes the audience on behalf of the University of Copenhagen.
  3. The author has the opportunity to commence the defence with a 30 minutes lecture on the scientific content of the dissertation.
  4. Each of the officially appointed opponents may question the author for up to 1½ hours, including the author's responses. Each unofficial opponent has a maximum of 45 minutes. The time allotted to the opponents may be reduced or increased according to the circumstances. The chair of the defence ceremony may allow contributions from opponents who register at the defence, but priority shall be given to anyone who registered in advance. The public defence must not exceed a total of six hours, including breaks.
  5. The chair of the defence ceremony concludes the public defence and, on behalf of the University of Copenhagen, thanks the assessment committee for their work.
  6. Immediately after the defence ceremony, the opponents are given an opportunity to evaluate the defence of the dissertation and sign a statement regarding the defence. The statement reports whether or not the doctoral degree should be awarded.
  7. The defence ceremony must be audio recorded. The chair of the defence ceremony is responsible for submitting this recording as well as the statement regarding the defence to the Faculty.

Please read the full and printable guidelines: Defence of a doctoral Dissertation