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Approved application

When your application for submitting a thesis without enrolment (cf. section 15(2) of the PhD Order) is approved, this is what you need to do:

  • Attend and pass the Graduate School’s mandatory PhD course in responsible conduct of research.
  • Pay the admission fee (DKK 40.000) which will be collected by the Graduate School.
  • Write your thesis. You have one year to finish it, starting from the date your application is approved.
  • Nominate members for an assessment committee at least two months before you hand in your thesis.

Suggestion for an assessment committee

  • Complete the form ‘Nominating an assessment committee’ when you and your university representative have settled on nominees for the assessment committee.
  • The form must be submitted at least two months before you hand in your thesis.
  • Please note that this is a special form only to be used in connection with submission of a thesis without prior enrolment (section 15(2) of the PhD Order).

Appointing an assessment committee

The procedure for appointing an assessment committee is similar to the one described on the pages concerning ‘Thesis and defence’, so please familiarise yourself with the procedures in these pages. However, make sure to use the form above when you nominate an assessment committee.

Defence and awarding of degree

The defence must be planned in cooperation with your university representative and the approved assessment committee members. Learn more about the practical aspects of the defence and the awarding of the degree on the pages Defence and Receiving your PhD certificate. Please make sure to complete the forms mentioned on the pages in order to receive your certificate.