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Obtaining a PhD degree without enrolment

You can apply to submit a PhD thesis without enrolment at the Graduate School. This requires qualifications that are comparable to the qualifications obtained through a PhD programme.

You must have a university representative who acts as supervisor in connection with the PhD defence. The university representative must be employed at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences as either an associate professor, senior researcher, professor, clinical associate professor or clinical professor.

Apply for submission of thesis without enrolment

Admission requirements

  • You must submit your thesis within one year off receiving your approval.
  • Neither your PhD thesis nor parts of it may have been used as a basis for obtaining other academic degrees.
  • You must have attended and passed PhD courses corresponding to approximately 30 ECTS credits. The courses must have been at PhD level and be relevant to your thesis subject. Learn how to calculate ECTS.
  • Prior to your submission of the thesis, you must have actively participated in research environments, including stays at other research institutions, mainly abroad.
  • You must have teaching experience or have carried out knowledge dissemination, e.g. presentation of research results.
  • You must have completed the mandatory PhD course in Responsible Conduct of Research and passed the exam.

Approval of the application

The Head of the Graduate School decides whether you meet the admission requirements. If the application is approved you can submit the thesis.

Admission fee

The fee for submitting a PhD thesis without enrolment is DKK 40,000. The fee covers administration, the assessment committee’s fee and travel expenses.