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The process of appointing an assessment committee

  • The principal supervisor is responsible for nominating the members of the assessment committee.
  • Nominations must be sent to the Graduate School at least two months before the thesis is submitted via the form Nominating an assessment committee.
  • The nominees for the committee must consent before submitting the form.
  • The Graduate School submits the proposed nominees to the PhD Study Board and the Dean’s Office for approval.
  • The Graduate School informs all members of the assessment committee, the PhD student and the principal supervisor of the newly appointed committee.

The PhD student is not permitted to have any contact with the assessment committee from the start of the assessment process until the assessment has been sent to the principal supervisor and the PhD student.

Composition of the assessment committee

The assessment committee consists of three members:

  • A chairperson, who must be employed by the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences as an associate professor, senior researcher, professor, clinical associate professor or clinical professor.
  • A representative from a Danish research institution (must not be employed at the University of Copenhagen).
  • A representative from a research institution abroad, representing international research.

Every effort should be made to ensure that both genders are represented in the committee.

Rules applicable to all members of the assessment committee

  • All members must be at an academic level corresponding to associate professor or higher in the relevant subject area. If an assessor does not have the title "professor" or "associate professor", the CV of the relevant assessor must be submitted in the form Nominating an assessment committee.
  • None of the suggested members must have published articles together with the PhD student nor worked on manuscripts together.
  • None of the PhD student’s supervisors can be members of the assessment committee

Please consider if any of the suggested members could be disqualified of any reason; personal, financial or other reasons.

Industrial PhDs

The following applies to PhD fellowships financed through the Industrial PhD scheme; at least one of the members of the assessment committee must have company-relevant research experience within the relevant field.