Written assignment on responsible conduct of research

Why a written assignment?

In order to complete the course in responsible conduct of research (RCR) and to improve their learning outcome of the course, the PhD students must submit an assignment in which they relate their own research and work experience to the curriculum as taught in the RCR lectures. The experiences and the issue(s) can be actual or envisioned as a future situation that the PhD students might run into during his/her research.


The PhD students submit an assignment of maximum two pages in which they describe and discuss aspects of their work that touches upon one or more of the issues on responsible conduct of research that has been covered in the course and the curriculum.

In order to pass the assignment, the PhD students must:

  • Describe causes of conflicts and dilemmas for researchers related to the responsible con-duct of research
  • Describe own or other researchers possibilities in relation to the chosen RCR issue in the assignment
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the central and basic concepts, rules and issues as presented in the course and the curriculum
  • Reflect on and discuss the curriculum in relation to own experiences (actual or envisioned)
  • Use proper referencing to the curriculum.

If the assignment is not passed after three attempts, the PhD student must participate in the RCR course again.

The assignment can be written in English or Danish.

Please read the complete description of the mandatory RCR assignment.