27 June 2022

Intercultural Communication Workshop

In this interactive workshop, we will explore what culture and intercultural communication mean to you and celebrate diversity in teams.

Cultural backpack
We each carry different elements of our culture with us wherever we go, like a cultural backpack. The University of Copenhagen (UCPH) is a very interesting multicultural workplace. Some people experience they work in a very Danish setting surrounded by typical Danish values, while others describe working at UCPH as an extremely international working environment, with a mixture of international principles and guidelines, and English as the main language.

Most people at UCPH find this to be an interesting but sometimes challenging experience in terms of navigating and communicating with each other in a multicultural workplace. Should I use Danish or English? How to deal with a PhD supervisor who comes from another culture? Should I mail, phone, or visit to get my message across? Can or should I give feedback and how to do that?

However, better understanding, appreciating, and accommodating diversity as well as individual differences in communication style, can enhance the effectiveness of your (intercultural) professional interactions. At the workshop, we hope to inspire you to optimize your intercultural communication skills and apply simple tools that you can add to your cultural backpack.

At the workshop, we will work with:
• Learning and sharing about Danish and UCPH working culture
• Unconscious bias
• Giving “Danish” feedback
• English. Danish! Denglish?
• Communication and context

Date and time: 23 November 2022, 9:30-12:30.

Venue: Panum, Blegdamsvej 3b, in the back of Maersk Tower, 1st floor, room 62 (room 13.1.62).

Registration deadline: 23 October 2022.

Read more and sign up for the workshop on intercultural communication at the PhD Course Catalogue