12 November 2021

Updated rules on approval of courses

From 1 December 2021, it is no longer possible to have courses of less than 12 hours approved. Furthermore, it is not possible to pool courses of less than 12 hours in one application.

The following rules apply when you apply for approval of courses from Coursera, edX and similar online platforms:

  • The amount of course hours or a time estimate must be clearly stated and must be of at least 12 hours
  • You must attach a link to the course website in addition to the standard application material
  • When calculating ECTS, the Graduate School will divide the stated number of working hours to complete the course, stated by the course provider, with 25 to obtain the number of ECTS
  • Approval is always based on an individual assessment

Please also note, that when you apply for approval of external courses for your PhD plan the course program and course description must be issued by the course provider. If the documents are online you can send a link with your application.

Read more about the approval of courses on the Graduate School's website.