16 March 2021

No access to UCPH' IT systems during the weekend 19 – 21 March

From Friday 19 March at 5 pm to Sunday 21 March at 6 pm, all IT systems will be periodically inaccessible because the IT security on UCPH' network needs to be improved. KUmail, UCPH websites, networks and administrative systems will be affected.

During the weekend 19 to 21 March, the current firewalls will be replaced to increase the IT security at the University of Copenhagen.

If you need to work during the weekend, you must plan it so you are not dependent on UCPH' IT systems.

What and who will be affected?

While the work is in progress, all IT systems will be unavailable for periods of time. Everyone at UCPH will be affected. The following systems are unavailable:

  • ​KUmail – You will not be able to send and receive emails during the weekend. Incoming emails will be queued and delivered as soon as possible.
  • The Internet – both UCPH' physical network and the wireless network eduroam
  • Administrative systems and your network drives
  • KUnet and external websites
  • Telephony over UCPH' network, e.g. Skype for Business, call centre (Solidus), fax and d​oor phones​

​Why do the firewalls have to be replaced?

Firewalls work as a security filter on UCPH' network, and ensures that outsiders are not able to access our data and research. The new firewall secures you and UCPH a number of advantages:

  • ​Better protection of data: UCPH and other universities are constantly exposed to attempts at data theft and cyber attacks. The new firewall helps us prevent attacks and theft.
  • A more stable network: The current firewalls are on the verge of being overloaded.
  • Better access control: The new firewall is integrated with UCPH' shared user administration.
  • Easier to react: The new firewall provide better insight into security incidents and helps us plan so we can avoid them.

UCPH IT apologises for any inconvenience that the upgrade will cause.