PhD defence: Müjgan Yilmaz

Cemented and uncemented trabecular metal total knee arthroplasty with asymmetrical tibial design
- comparison using model-based radiostereometric analysis, dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry, and computed tomography

Assessment Committee:
Professor Jes Bruun Lauritzen (Chairperson)
Associate professor Martin Lindberg-Larsen
Associate professor Sören Toksvig-Larsen

Clinical Professor Michael Mørk Petersen
Professor Anders Odgaard
Associate Professor Gunnar Flivik
Cosultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Thomas Lind

Department of Clinical Medicine

Graduate Programme:
Basic and Clinical Research in Musculoskeletal Sciences

Auditorium 93
Rigshospitalet, Blegdamsvej
Juliane Maries vej 20
2100 Copenhagen

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