Report vacation

Are you a clinical faculty scholar?

If you have received a clinical faculty scholarship from the Graduate School and you are employed by the Faculty, you must report your vacation to the Graduate School.


You need your KU-login to complete the form.

If you do not know your KU-login or forgot your password, please look for help here.

All PhD students enrolled at the Graduate School have a KU user name and login.

Are you employed by other means?

If you are funded/employed by other means, please contact your place of employment for specific holiday rules and how to register your holiday periods.

Salary during holidays

You earn the right to 2.08 paid vacation days with every month of employment during the calendar year from 1 January to 31 December (the qualification year). Uninterrupted employment during the entire qualification year gives you the right to 25 paid holidays corresponding to five weeks paid holiday.

In addition to the 5 weeks, you earn five special paid holidays per year of employment corresponding to 0.42 days with every month of employment.

So, if you have been permanently employed as a PhD student for a full calendar year, you are entitled to five weeks of holiday plus one week of personal holiday days (i.e. 6 weeks or 30 work days in total), during which you will receive your usual salary.

If your employment began during the previous year, you will receive holiday pay corresponding to the fraction of the year you have been employed.

Learn more about payment, holiday rights and how you calculate your holidays