Extension due to long-term illness

The enrolment period can be extended, if your PhD study has been delayed due to long-term illness (full-time or part-time). Submit your application for extension when you are no longer full-time or part-time ill and you have resumed your PhD study.

Your principal supervisor must confirm that your PhD study is delayed due to long-term illness by signing “Agreement on extension due to long-term illness”. 

Please note that extension is only rarely granted if the number of sick days amounts to less than four weeks. There is, however, no fixed minimum number of sick days needed to qualify for an extension.

The granting of extension is always decided on a case-by-case basis.

If you are employed at the University of Copenhagen, your employment can be extended in accordance with your enrolment. If you are employed outside the University of Copenhagen, you must contact your place of employment to have your employment extended.

If you have a residence and work permit in Denmark, certain rules apply for extension due to long-term illness. Please contact International Staff Mobility for further information before submitting your application.

Apply for an extension of the enrolment period due to long-term illness

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