PhD coordinators

PhD coordinators are available for clinical PhD students at the hospitals. The clinical PhD coordinators act as advisors on subjects that are related to the non-scientific content of your PhD. One of their main tasks is to foster a good academic and social environment for the PhD students and support their wellbeing. The PhD coordinators meet with the Head of the Graduate School once or twice a year. They organise events for PhD students at each hospital and help to facilitate the contact between you, Department of Clinical Medicine, and the Graduate School.

Ask the PhD coordinators

  • How can I finance my PhD?
  • What is the structure of a PhD thesis?
  • I'm not happy with my supervisor. What can I do?
  • Where can I meet other PhD students?
  • I have got writers block any tips?
  • What should my next career step be after the PhD?

Find you PhD coordinator below:

PhD coordinators at the hospitals

Centre for Cancer and Organ Diseases, Rigshospitalet
Mads Hornum
(+45) 3545 1762

Annemette Løkkegaard

Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital

Annemette Løkkegaard

(+45) 3863 5878

Kristoffer Lindskov Hansen

Rigshospitalet - Diagnostic Centre
Kristoffer Lindskov Hansen

(+45) 3545 6650

Christian Grønhøj

Centre of Head and Orthopaedics (HovedOrtoCentret), Rigshospitalet
Christian Grønhøj

Department of Psychiatry (Mental Health Service, Capital Region)
Maj Vinberg
(+45) 3864 7022

Bo Back

Psychiatry - Region Sjælland

Bo Sayyad Bach

(+45) 3029 3381

Morten Lock Hansen

Herlev-Gentofte Hospital and Steno Diabetes Center

Morten Lock Hansen

(+45) 3867 2629

Jacob Lønborg

Centre for Cardiac, Vascular, Pulmonary and Infectious Diseases, Rigshospitalet
Jacob Thomsen Lønborg
(+45) 2859 4928

Hvidovre and Amager Hospital
Finn Stener Jørgensen
(+45) 3862 2608

Rikke Beck Jensen

Juliane Marie Centre, Rigshospitalet
Rikke Beck Jensen

(+45) 6133 2368

Martin Kryspin

Neuro Centre, Rigshospitalet

Martin Kryspin Sørensen

(+45) 3545 7009

Malene Starup Stage

Nordsjællands Hospital
Malene Starup Stage
(+45) 4829 4245

Marie Bak

Zealand University Hospital, Holbæk, Næstved, Slagelse, Ringsted, Nykøbing F. Hospitals
Marie Bak

(+45) 4732 4805