23 May 2024

DKK 36 million from DFF for Innovative Research Projects


Six SUND researchers receive funding from the Independent Research Fund Denmark for groundbreaking research projects within areas such as antibiotic resistance, heart diseases, and gut bacteria.

Six SUND researchers receive grants from DFF-Research Project2.

Six SUND researchers have been granted funding from the Independent Research Fund Denmark, which aims to give excellent researchers the opportunity to pursue their most innovative ideas and to promote pioneering Danish research.

The grants are part of DFF-Research Project2. In total, 570 researchers applied for the DFF-Research Project2 funding in this round, and 52 researchers received a grant. DFF-Research Project2 typically spans up to 4.5 years.

The SUND research projects:

Dorte Frees, Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences: Breaking antimicrobial resistance by targeting potentiators, DKK 6.163.069

Rikke Buhl, Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences: Anti-inflammatory effects of metformin in obesity-induced atrial remodeling, DKK 6.190.631

Manimozhiyan Arumugam, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research: Towards machine learning-based dietary modulation of immature infant gut microbiomes, DKK 6.108.835

Maja Arendt, Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences: Can self-resolving canine neoplasia provide a breakthrough for cancer immunotherapy?, DKK 6.191.592

Anders Lund, Biotech Research & Innovation Centre: Deciphering pathological translation programs in colorectal cancer, DKK 5.938.069

Bo Torben Porse, Biotech Research & Innovation Centre: Identification and targeting of Leukemic Stem Cell regulators, DKK 6.186.324

Read the project descriptions here (in Danish)

There may be other SUND researchers among the 52 grants from the DFF-Research Project2, which are allocated to another recipient institution. Find an overview of all the exciting projects here.


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