14 November 2019

Divorce App Receives the Innovation Award 2019


Associate Professor Gert Martin Hald receives the Innovation Award 2019 for his work on the digital divorce platform SES. Every year, the University of Copenhagen's Innovation Award is given to a researcher who has made a special effort to create new knowledge which can be applied directly in the society.

The SES platform (collaboration following a divorce) takes divorcing couples by the hand and provides counselling and guidance by means of a digital course on how they and, not least, any involved children best get through a divorce. The course has been mandatory since April this year for divorcing couples who have children under 18.

SES was developed by the research group 'The Sexuality, Interpersonal and Reproductive Research Group' from the Department of Public Health at the Faculty of Health and Natural Sciences, headed by Associate Professor Gert Martin Hald. Gert Martin Hald is very pleased that the group's work is now being recognised with a prestigious award from the University of Copenhagen, the Innovation Award 2019.

’The vision of our research is to translate all the figures and statistics we have collected into something concrete and useful to society. With SES, we have succeeded in doing just that, and I am therefore very proud that we will receive this year's Innovation Award’, he says.

The group is nominated for the award by the Head of the Department of Public Health, Steffen Loft. According to him, SES is an excellent example of an innovative and relevant research project that immediately benefits the society.