15 October 2019

The Lundbeck Foundation Honours Three UCPH Research Talents


This year, three PhD students from the University of Copenhagen will receive the Lundbeck Foundation's talent prize of DKK 500,000. The three young researchers are honoured for particularly promising achievements within health sciences.

None of them have turned 30 yet, but already they have demonstrated a very special talent. That is why three young researchers are each awarded a Lundbeck Foundation Talent Prize.

‘These are three very promising research talents who have impressed with many strong research results at a young age. But in addition to publishing diligently and contributing new knowledge to their respective research fields, they have also demonstrated a talent for innovation, collaboration and dissemination. They have a strong foundation on which they can build an exciting research career’, says Jan Egebjerg, Director of Science at the Lundbeck Foundation.

Each talent prize is accompanied by an amount of DKK 500,000 – DKK 150,000 as a personal honorary award and DKK 350,000 for the recipients' research.

The three talent prize recipients are:

Josefine Stokholm Bækgaard, PhD student, MD, Rigshospitalet, the Anaesthesiology Clinic at the Centre of Head and Orthopaedics, and the University of Copenhagen

Josefine is conducting research within emergency treatment of trauma patients by means of oxygen. As a result of her research, clinical tests are now been performed to determine whether the recommendations on how much oxygen should be used in emergency treatment should be modified.

Josefine has been on research stays at both Harvard Medical School and Avicenne Hospital in Paris, and it is envisaged that she has a great career as a clinical researcher ahead of her. She is also a good communicator and despite her young age, she has already published an extraordinarily large number of scientific articles.

Jawad Haider Butt, PhD student, MD, Rigshospitalet, Centre for Cardiac, Vascular, Pulmonary and Infectious Diseases, and the University of Copenhagen.

Jawad uses advanced statistical methods to analyse clinical and registry-based data in an innovative and talented manner. His research has helped to improve the way we treat patients with cardiovascular diseases. Jawad will spend the final year of his PhD studies with the world's leading heart failure scientist in Glasgow.

He is described as an exceptionally talented and passionate researcher, and it is envisaged that he will have a future as a leading Danish cardiologist and international cardiovascular researcher. Despite his young age, Jawad has published an unusually large number of scientific articles in internationally acclaimed journals.

Jens Velde Andersen, PhD student, MSc, the University of Copenhagen, the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology, NeuroMet Research Group

Jens is conducting research into the brain's neurotransmitters and energy metabolism in connection with neurodegenerative diseases. With his research, Jens has helped to map the molecular metabolic changes that occur in the brain during the development of Alzheimer's and Huntington's disease. Jens masters a number of methods and technologies that may help identify the basic mechanisms behind these diseases and ultimately lead to better medical care.

Jens is described as an extraordinarily talented, ambitious and passionate young neuroscientist with a great drive. He collaborates with the best researchers across disciplines in Denmark and abroad, and he is, amongst other things, working with the world's leading metabolism researchers in New York to upgrade his skills.

About the Lundbeck Foundation's Talent Prizes
The Lundbeck Foundation's talent prizes are awarded each year to three young researchers under the age of 30. The prizes are awarded to researchers who have performed particularly promising research within the health sciences.


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