05 September 2019

Professor in Ophthalmology Research Receives the Bagger-Sørensen Award


Morten la Cour, Professor at the Department of Clinical Medicine and Head of the Eye Department at Rigshospitalet, receives the Bagger-Sørensen Award in recognition of many years of outstanding efforts within ophthalmology research and eye surgery. The award is for half a million Danish kroner.

The Bagger-Sørensen Award is an honorary award given to an outstanding biomedical researcher who has conducted elitist research at the highest international level. This year, the recipient of the award is Professor Morten la Cour, the Department of Clinical Medicine and the Eye Department at Rigshospitalet.

‘The recipient of the award is considered to be one of the foremost international surgeons within the field of retinal surgery, and he and his research team have – both in experimental and in clinically controlled studies – augmented the efficiency and quality of the treatment of retinal diseases in all age groups of the population’, writes the Bagger-Sørensen Foundation which is behind the award in a press release.

In addition, Morten la Cour has also focused on training the next generation of eye surgeons in his research. He has initiated research projects aimed at uncovering how robotic and simulation technology can increase the success rate of young surgeons in connection with surgical procedures during their training.

‘I am very proud to receive the Bagger-Sørensen Award, as it covers a wide field that includes more medical areas than just my own. Thus, I see the award as a recognition of our eye surgical field and of the members of our research group at Rigshospitalet who have all played an instrumental role in connection with this award’, says Morten la Cour.

It is not possible to apply for the Bagger-Sørensen Award. The award is handed out every year on the basis of nominations from universities and hospitals.


Chairman of the Board of Directors, Claus Bagger-Sørensen


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