28 February 2019

New, Frightful Podcast on Epidemics in Denmark


Potentially fatal epidemic diseases like the plague, smallpox, cholera and AIDS have left their mark on the country over the centuries. In a new podcast series, Dead & Diagnosis, Associate Professor Adam Bencard from Medical Museion at the University of Copenhagen sheds light on the Danes’ struggle with bacteria and viruses over the years.  

The podcast series Dead & Diagnosis will in 10 episodes tell the history of diseases in Denmark and not least our fight against them. (Illustration: Michael Wohlgemuth, 1493)
Tuberculosis, plague and smallpox – epidemics have ravaged the world since the birth of civilisation. And to such an extent that they have shaped our culture and society. The podcast series Dead & Diagnosis tells stories of unfathomable death tolls, but also great progress in society and medical science in the fight against bacteria and viruses. The series begins with the plague in 1347 and ends, 10 episodes later, somewhere into the future.

Enter a world of blood, vomit, boils and infection, and learn how death threats can be a motivating factor leading to progress and why humanity survived. Hear the story of roaming cows as a treatment for smallpox, smoke in the crotch for cholera and strolls by the water for tuberculosis. And about effective quarantines, effectual vaccines and life-saving surgery.

The podcast is for anyone who would like to learn more about treatments and diseases from a historical perspective and how this part of history has helped shape the ideas of the body, health and diseases that we entertain today.

Death & Diagnosis featuring Associate Professor Adam Bencard from Medical Museion at the University of Copenhagen is produced by Mikkel Andreas Beck and David Birch with funding from the Lundbeck Foundation. It is available where you find new podcasts. You can also visit museion.ku.dk for more medical history.

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Associate Professor Adam Bencard, Medical Museion, University of Copenhagen
Email: adab@sund.ku.dk
Phone: +45 27 51 15 53