09 November 2017

Prestigious Nordic Prize to Dementia Researcher Gunhild Waldemar


The 2017 Nordic Medical Prize is awarded to Professor Gunhild Waldemar, University of Copenhagen, and Professor Kaj Blennow, University of Gothenburg, for their individual research into dementia.

Photo: Tomas Bertelsen

The Nordic Medical Prize is one of the greatest medical prizes in the Nordic countries and is awarded annually by Stiftelsen för Nordiska Medicinpriset in cooperation with the insurance company Folksam.

The prize sum of SEK 1 million – which this year is divided between the two prize winners – is given as a reward for leading scientific accomplishments within a field of great importance to human health.

The prize winners are selected on the basis of recommendations by medical faculties at universities in all the Nordic countries.

Gunhild Waldemar and Kaj Blennow receive the Nordic Medical Prize for, through their international research, having created an extensive and important scientific foundation of knowledge about the prevalence, causes and treatments of dementia.

Professor Gunhild Waldemar receives the prize for her clinical studies regarding functional scans of the normal, ageing brain and the brain of a person suffering from dementia as well as for her pioneering effort to give dementia patients the best possible conditions. In addition to being clinical professor in neurology at the Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Copenhagen, Gunhild Waldemar is the director and founder of the Danish Dementia Research Centre and consultant doctor at the Department of Neurology at Rigshospitalet.

Professor Kaj Blennow is awarded the prize for his basic research into biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases as well as his epoch-making study into molecular mechanisms in Alzheimer’s disease.

The Nordic Medical Prize is presented to the two prize winners in Stockholm on 1 February 2018. 

Gunhild Waldemar
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