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26 March 2015

Strong commitment behind new, modern School of Dentistry


Ambitious plan will safely navigate the School of Dentistry into the future

In recent years, the School of Dentistry at the University of Copenhagen has been facing considerable financial challenges. Spearheaded by Head of Department Anne Marie Lynge Pedersen, an ambitious plan has now been drawn up to safely navigate the School of Dentistry into the future, while at the same time upholding the high international standards of the school’s educational and research activities.

In March 2015, the third phase of a number of necessary financial adjustments will be implemented at the School of Dentistry to meet the objective of achieving a sustainable school by the end of 2017.  A fall in basic funding in recent years combined with very considerable investments in the necessary clinical facilities has thrown the School of Dentistry off balance financially, calling for significant changes.

The extensive modernisation of the School of Dentistry, which is now being realised, will have consequences both for the research conducted and the study programme offered by the school.

"I deeply regret that the process has involved saying goodbye to some of our competent employees. There is no doubt that it has been a very painful process, but I am proud of the great efforts made by staff and students to create the best possible starting point for a sustainable School of Dentistry. We now have a new organisation in place that allows us to more effectively educate highly skilled dentists, and where we will be able to conduct research in areas of importance to patients in Denmark," says Head of Department Anne Marie Lynge Pedersen.

High standards

In future, the School of Dentistry will focus on fewer research areas, and the study programme will be restructured – but with a consistent focus on maintaining the high standards for which the programme – and our graduates – are known.

From September 2015, a new curriculum for the School of Dentistry will enter into force, ensuring the more efficient running and use of the clinical facilities that are key to our graduates developing the clinical skills needed in their future jobs.

The financial challenges faced by the School of Dentistry are to some extent attributable to running the school’s large dental clinic treating 50,000 patients a year, which is very costly.

"We have carefully analysed all our costs and have now adjusted the entire programme for optimum utilisation of the clinical facilities. Focus has been on maintaining the scope of both the clinical and the theoretical instruction, but also on more efficiently coordinating the curricular activities with the running of the clinic.  The changes actually mean that the students will be spending more time at the clinic than has been the case so far," says Anne Marie Lynge Pedersen.

For further information, please contact Head of Department Anne Marie Lynge Pedersen on tel. +45 35 32 67 29