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08 March 2016

Professor Stine Jacobsen is given a prestigious title


As the first Danish woman, Professor Stine Jacobsen has been given the rare and prestigious title of ECVS DIPLOMATE in Large Animal Surgery; a title only given to veterinarians who have concluded a highly specialized international residency. The training behind the title is anchored in world-class teaching and an animal hospital with the highest level of specialized competences.

Stine Jacobsen, Professor of Large Animal Surgery at the Department of Large Animals Sciences at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen has been given the specialist title of Large Animal Surgeon from the European College of Veterinary Surgeons (ECVS).

This title is only given to veterinarians who have concluded a highly specialized residency, primarily consisting of a three-year full-time surgical training course with a substantial number of both soft tissue and orthopaedic surgeries. Furthermore, participants must publish scientific articles, participate in international courses within their surgical field and participate in professional communication at the highest international level. Stine Jacobsen’s final examination took place in Switzerland in February. It lasted two days as candidates from all over Europe were examined in every aspect of large animal surgery.

“My work is a trisect. I research, teach and operate on large animals at the Teaching Hospital for Large Animals. The university hospital is a referral hospital, and so you have to be a highly skilled clinician, which is why I signed up for this post-graduate course that equals specialist training. There are no Danish training programmes for veterinarians at this level, which is why you have to join European or American programmes to obtain these competences,” says Stine Jacobsen.

A confident teacher of highest quality
There are 239 ECVS diplomats in Europe. Stine Jacobsen is the first woman veterinarian to be given the title of ECVS Diplomat in Large Animal Surgery – and the fifth Dane. The residency can only take place at already approved large animal hospitals and the Teaching Hospital for Large Animals in Taastrup is the only hospital in Denmark approved as an ECVS training facility for large animal surgery. Veterinarian, Associate Professor and ECVS Diplomat, Aziz Tnibar, started his residency approx. eight years ago. In the years since then, another two EVCS Diplomats have completed their residency and yet another one is currently in training. A prerequisite for initiating an ECVS residency is having a diplomat already employed, as they will be responsible for the daily clinical supervision/tuition. The Teaching Hospital for Large Animals is approved for both Large Animal Surgery (ECVS) and Equine Internal Medicine (ECEIM).

“In terms of my clinical work, this training enables me to contribute to our facility being able to offer our patients the highest level of specialized competences and clinical knowledge. Furthermore, the hospital’s international reputation is enhanced by the number of diplomats employed due to the fact that the degree of specialization is unquestioned and implemented worldwide. In terms of my teaching, it means that students receive teaching at the highest level, with both clinical experience and research integrated in the teaching. I’m very confident about teaching because my credentials are strong, due to the fact that I’ve read all the leading textbooks on the subject,” says Stine Jacobsen, before adding:

 “This title also means that the hospital now has two veterinarians who can offer supervision and training for others who would like to pursue a specialized European residency in large animal surgery. This strengthens both pre- and postgraduate teaching at our department.”