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13 October 2016

New Society Wants to Facilitate Cooperation on RNA Research


A new RNA society will set the framework for an expansion of national cooperation and networks among researchers working with RNA. Increased cooperation will benefit both the industry and the academic environment, believes the chairman of the new society, Danish RNA Society.

The picture presents a section of the HIV genome in RNA form

The newly established Danish RNA Society held its annual meeting on Tuesday 11 October. RNA is central to the regulation of a number of processes at cell level, and due to new methods and technological developments the area is currently seeing a steady stream of new discoveries. The new society wants to create a forum which focuses on RNA research networks and cooperation and ensures that the new opportunities are utilised optimally, says Chairman of the Danish RNA Society Jan Gorodkin.   

‘The field of RNA research contains a lot of undiscovered possibilities, and if researchers across industry and universities gain insight into each other’s knowledge, they will be able to use this knowledge to the advantage of all. The society wants to generate attention to the knowledge of individual researchers. This will make it easier for researchers to cooperate on projects and ultimately promote national RNA research’, he says.

The Danish RNA Society will both make it easier for researchers to cooperate and ensure that companies receive more direct information about research activities to the benefit of both parties: Overall, the industry will get a better basis for keeping up with the direction of the area, while the universities gain better insight into the demands of the industry, which is significant with regard to new technologies and to employers of newly qualified candidates in the field.  

At the annual meeting researchers from universities and a series of companies met and was brought up-to-date on activities in the RNA area at international level and within Danish industry. The annual meeting opens up for interaction, and students get a chance to present their work.

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