Five SUND researchers receive a Sapere Aude Grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research – University of Copenhagen

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21 June 2016

Five SUND researchers receive a Sapere Aude Grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research


DKK 130 million distributed among 39 talented researchers. The Danish Council for Independent Research’s Sapere Aude Grants support excellence in Danish research, and this year, five talented researchers from SUND are among the recipients of these prestigious grants.

Originality, professional scope and surprising methodical grips are some of the qualities celebrated by the Danish Council for Independent Research’s Sapere Aude Grants. The grants provide the most talented researchers with the best possible conditions for conducting research at the highest international level.

Furthermore, the grants will support the future generation of researchers while also pushing Danish research a few steps further up the international ladder of elite research. This year, five researchers from SUND have been awarded the prestigious grant for their research.

Five strong research projects

The five research projects cover everything from parasites, cells and new possibilities in treatments of infectious diseases.

Sapere Aude DFF – Starting Grant 2016 at SUND

  • Associate Professor and PhD Alicia Lundby’s research project focuses on viral infection and interactions with host cells with the aim of expanding our knowledge on which proteins play a part in heart diseases.
  • Associate Professor and PhD Peter Nejsum will delve into communication between parasites, which will provide new knowledge on ways to control them in the long term. 
  • Associate Professor and PhD Troels Kasper Høyer Scheel’s research will uncover interactions between new virus-host cells and reveal new mechanisms behind indirect viral control of hundreds of cellular genes, in the hope that the project will provide new possibilities for treating infectious diseases.

Sapere Aude DFF Research Talent 2016 at SUND

  • MD and PhD Lonnie G. Petersen will conduct research on the regulation of brain pressure and blood flow and she will examine new perspectives for astronauts in space as well as patients on earth.
  • Assistant Professor, Veterinarian and PhD Signe Emilie Cremer will conduct research on unwanted activation of blood platelets based on internal examinations of blood platelets in dogs.

Read more about the five research profiles and their projects here.

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