Gert Martin Hald Receives Fellowship from the Carlsberg Foundation – University of Copenhagen

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12 January 2017

Gert Martin Hald Receives Fellowship from the Carlsberg Foundation


On 10 January 2017 Associate Professor Gert Martin Hald from the Department of Public Health at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences received the Carlsberg Foundation’s 'Distinguished Associate Professor Fellowship', a DKK 3-million grant. In the words of the Carlsberg Foundation, the aim of the grant is 'to enable the most outstanding newly appointed associate professors with international experience to consolidate their independent research group or environment'.

ertified MSc in Phycology, PhD and Associate Professor in Medical Psychology Gert Martin Hald has since March 2015 headed the Section of Environmental Health at the Department of Public Health.

Based in Gert Martin Hald’s research group 'SIR', which conducts research into Sexuality and Interpersonal Relations, the funding will contribute to the group’s current three main research paths:

  1. 'When Marriage Fails' – a longitudinal study combining questionnaire and Danish register research with the overall aim of investigating adverse psychological, physiological and economic effects of divorce among approx. 2.500 newly divorced Danes.
  2. 'Healthy Sexual Aging' – a cross-European study including Denmark, Norway, Croatia, England, Portugal and Belgium. The overall aims of the project are to a) investigate sexual well-being, sexual functioning, sexual health and body image among older age individuals and how these relate to healthy aging or illness prevention and recovery; b) investigate help-seeking behavior among older adults in relation to their sexual health and well-being.
  3. 'Sexuality and Relationships in the Danish Health Care System' is the first national project which systematically seeks to investigate sexual problems and the importance of interpersonal relationships in the Danish health care system and how it relates to sustaining health, illness treatment and recovery, and quality of life. So far two projects are planned: a) Prostatic Cancer & Sexuality and b) Anxiety and Sexuality, with more to be added within both the somatic and psychiatric parts of the Danish health care system.