Sustainable Life Science Symposium 2023


This symposium builds on the success of last year's Sustainable Biosolutions Symposium and offers a chance for new and exciting collaborations between start-ups/SMEs, researchers and industry within the life science field - this year with a focus on pharma and biosolutions. 

The primary objective of the conference is “Sustainability” as it has become an increasingly critical concern for both companies and researchers for meeting the changing demands of the future. The conference will be divided into two main thematic sessions:

  • Sustainable Pharmaceutical and Biosolutions Productions: What Are the Perspectives Across Industries: Experts from academia and industry will share insights, innovative approaches, and best practices for achieving sustainability goals based on the questions of where we are today, what are the trends of the future and what can we learn from other industries.

  • The Role of Partnerships in Promoting Sustainability: This session will focus on the vital role of partnerships in achieving productions goals with an eye on sustainability. Discussions will revolve around successful partnership models, strategies for effective collaboration, and case studies highlighting the positive impact of alliances.

We bring together stakeholders from across the pharma and biotech sectors to discuss experiences, opportunities, the current state-of-the-art technologies, knowledge gaps, and research needed to accelerate advancements in sustainable pharma and biosolutions - and we do this from Denmark's very own Biotech City: Kalundborg. 

Take a look at the exciting program at the menu above (changes may occur) and sign up for this free day of learning and networking!