Rethinking Healthcare - Innovation as a powerful driver

“Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated”, (President Donald Trump, February 2017). 

Healthcare is undoubtedly a complex matter and skills to handle this are important. This summer course seeks to provide the participants with innovation tools applicable for working with healthcare challenges.

Theory meets reality

Participants will learn different theories and approaches to healthcare innovation and use them to work on challenges set by practitioners from the healthcare sector. The practitioners will provide data, set-ups for fieldwork and feedback on the developed solutions.

Through lectures, workshops, teamwork and counselling sessions we will cover innovation within service (human), system (organization) and product (devices/technology).

Learning by doing

We will translate theory into practice by producing healthcare innovation prototypes. Reflections and debate of the prototypes will be stimulated by feedback sessions in which also experts and healthcare professionals participate. The format will be a mix of lectures and case based group exercises.

Students working

“Two brains are better than one”

Teamwork and interdisciplinarity will be keywords for this summer course. You will meet other students with various educational backgrounds and this will inspire and stimulate creativity and raise awareness about your own professional skills.

That is why, we are excited to welcome students who share interest in health and healthcare to our summer course – across disciplines and borders.

On-campus module 5 - 23 August 2019
Exam 23 August 2019

Credit points: 5 ECTS