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Study at the Faculty

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen is one of the leading faculties of its kind in Northern Europe.

Wide range of disciplines

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences conducts high quality research and teaching within a wide range of disciplines within human and animal health sciences. Read more about the programmes offered under Education.

Excellent location and facilities

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences is situated centrally in Copenhagen, which consistently ranks as one of the world´s best cities to live in. Its location in the midst of Medicon Valley, one of Europe’s strongest life science clusters, provides excellent opportunities for collaboration. The Faculty has made substantial investments in buildings and infrastructure and has excellent facilities, including the largest animal research laboratory in Northern Europe.

Research-based education with a strong focus on career

All teaching at the Faculty is research based, and researchers and students typically work closely together. Many courses are taught in real life clinical conditions, providing students with valuable experience in both clinical work and clinical research. There is close cooperation with hospitals, industry and regional and local authorities, as well as international partners, providing excellent opportunities for research and teaching collaboration and potential career contacts for students.

International outlook

The Faculty is active in a range of international activities within education, including partnerships and networks, recruitment and retention strategies, opportunities for international students and study abroad options for full-degree students. 

Internationalisation at Home is also in focus, and students in all fields of study have opportunities to experience teaching and literature in English and to interact with international students. The Faculty is also engaged in a wide variety of international activities within research.

Opportunities for international students

The Faculty offers six two-year Master’s programmes taught entirely in English and a number of one-year professional Master’s programmestaught wholly or partially in English as well as summer courses that are open to students from around the world.

In addition, the Faculty welcomes exchange students within all areas of study. Depending on the field, exchange students can take courses in English (or Danish, for students proficient in a Scandinavian language) or participate in clinical practice.

In total, approximately 650 international students participate in full-degree Master’s level and exchange studies as well as summer schools each year. Moreover, a high percentage of PhD students at the Faculty are international students.