Credit Transfer Database

Students at UCPH
You can use our Credit Transfer Database to check if a course has been approved previously.

It is possible to make a search on all the words given in a written decision. This means that you can make a search on a course title, a specific programme, a time period etc. If you want to see all the courses that previously has been pre-approved for credit transfer on a programme this is also an opportunity.

When you have done a search, a list of results will appear on the screen. This is the basic information of the search results and contains the following information for each course in the search result:

  • If the course has been approved (green), not approved (red) or partially approved (yellow)
  • Which education that offers the course
  • Which programme the course is approved to be a part of
  • If the course has been approved for credit transfer or pre-approved as an elective course

Each search result contains further information on the course.

Even if the course has been approved before and is marked green you must remember to apply for your pre-approval or credit transfer.

If you are a student at the Faculty of Health and Medical Science you should apply using the correct electronic form in KUnet.  If you are in the process of applying for enrolment in a programme at the Faculty of Health and Medical Science, you can indicate that you apply for credit transfer in the electronic enrolment application form.

Read more about credit transfer when enrolling in a programme here:

Questions about how to apply and deadlines? Please contact the Study and Career Guidance