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The Study and Career Guidance offers the opportunity to book a 25 min. appointment held via ZOOM.

Book an appointment to talk about, for example, study planning, application for exemption, study technique, motivation, well-being, stress, etc.

We offer video calls over ZOOM. This way we can get a little closer to the personal meeting and are able to share a screen and important information with each other.

You will receive a link to ZOOM prior to your appointment.



15. 1

parken 2,
ground floor,
to your right

Thorvaldsensvej 40,
on the right hand
when you come in

Monday 11am - 1pm  -   - 
Tuesday  -  10am - 1pm 10am - 1pm
Wednesday 12pm - 2pm  - 
Thursday  closed for drop in
Friday 11am - 1pm - -



Call us on +45 35 32 30 00

When you call us during our opening hours, please stay on the line until your turn. We always finish the queue, before we close the lines.

​Monday ​9am - 11am
Tuesday 10am - 1pm
​Wednesday ​2pm - 3.30pm
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