Campuses – University of Copenhagen


The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences has facilities in seven different locations. Most of these facilities are included in three of the four central campuses of the University of Copenhagen: the North Campus, right by Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University Hospital; the historic City Campus; and the green Frederiksberg Campus.

It is easy to move between these campuses by bicycle, bus or even on foot. Additional facilities are found just outside of Copenhagen at the Taastrup Campus. A shuttle bus service is provided for students and staff between the Frederiksberg Campus and the Taastrup Campus.  

Addresses and brief descriptions of the facilities are available under About the Faculty

The list below indicates what fields of study are primarily taught at the different locations:

North Campus

Panum (map):  Medicine, Dentistry, Health Informatics, Human Biology

Teilum (map):  Medicine

Universitetsparken (map): Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medicinal Chemistry


City Campus

Center for Health and Society (CSS): Public Health Science, Global Health (map)

Frederiksberg Campus (map)

Veterinary Medicine, Animal Science

The University Hospital for Companion Animals is located on the Frederiksberg Campus

Taastrup Campus (map)

Veterinary Medicine, Animal Science.

The Large Animal Hospital (Universitetshospitalet for Store Husdyr, homepage in Danish) is located in Taastrup.

Medical Museion

Medical Museion is a museum and research unit in downtown Copenhagen focusing on health and society (map).