Academic and Student Life

Welcome to the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH). We hope that your stay with us as an exchange, guest or full-degree MSc student will be a rewarding experience, academically as well as personally.

The information provided on these pages about Academic and Student Life will help you plan and adjust to your life as a student at the Faculty.

A great deal of information on practical aspects of academic and student life is available on the International Education and Grant's website.

International Education and Grants

Welcome events

Exchange students

The International Relations Office organises a welcome event for incoming exchange students a few days before the beginning of each semester.

The meeting gives you an opportunity to meet other exchange students and provides you with practical information to help you get off to a good start on your studies. 

The meeting includes, among other, a presentation of:

  • the faculty's International Relations Office 
  • the university's International Education and Grants Office
  • UCPH IT systems and KUnet (UPCH intranet)
  • Studenterhuset (the centre for student activities)
  • Erasmus network

You will receive and invitation and additional details about the welcome days before the start of the semester.

Should you have additional questions you are welcome to contact the faculty's International Relations Office at

Full-degree MSc students

The International Relations Office also organises an introduction week in the summer for incoming full-degree MSc students. You will receive further information when you have been accepted.

As a full-degree student, you will be given access to KUnet, the University of Copenhagen's intranet, shortly after you have been accepted. Here you can find important information about your studies. 

In the meantime, you are welcome to contact the International Relations Office at one of the following e-mail addresses, depending on the programme you have applied for:

Mentor programme

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences offers a mentor programme to newly arrived exchange students to help them get off to a good start in Copenhagen.

Studying in a foreign country can be a challenge. To help students settle in, the Faculty offers all incoming exchange students the possibility of having a mentor.

The mentors are recruited from among the faculty's own students, many of whom have themselves been exchange students in other countries and can relate to the challenges incoming students (mentees) might face.

The mentor has a social role besides the practical one. Together, the mentors arrange at least two social events for the mentees. The type of event varies from semester to semester. Wherever possible, the mentor will also meet the mentee on arrival, and guide them to their residence.

Having a mentor is of course optional but it is free of charge and most new international students find it helpful.


The University of Copenhagen Housing Foundation assists exchange and to an extend full-degree MSc students at the faculty with housing upon acceptance to the university. Please note that the university does not guarantee accommodation for either exchange nor full-degree students.

As a student you are responsible for covering the costs of housing on your own.

The University of Copenhagen Housing Foundation

Campus areas

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences has facilities in seven different locations. Most of these facilities are included in three of the four central campuses of the University of Copenhagen

It is easy to move between these campuses by bicycle, bus or even on foot.

Additional facilities are found just outside of Copenhagen at the Taastrup Campus. A shuttle bus service is provided for students and staff between the Frederiksberg Campus and the Taastrup Campus.  

Libraries and bookshops


The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences has several libraries:

The libraries are part of the Copenhagen University Library Service (CULIS)

Read the Copenhagen University Library Service's Information for International Students.


Academic Books is the largest academic bookshop in Denmark. There is an Academic Books shop at Panum on the North Campus and one on the Frederiksberg Campus.

More information about learning resources is available on the University of Copenhagen's portal for international students,