Exchange/Guest Students

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The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences welcomes approximately 100 exchange and guest students each semester within all fields of study.

Exchange and guest students are students who are spending one or two semesters at the University of Copenhagen as part of a degree programme at their home university.

Please note that some study programmes accept a very limited number of exchange and guest students.

General information for exchange/guest students is available on the University of Copenhagen's portal for international students

Exchange and guest students

Exchange students

Exchange students are students enrolled at universities with which the University of Copenhagen and/or the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences have exchange agreements.

Exchange agreements include:

  • Nordplus programmes
  • Erasmus+ programmes
  • Bilateral exchange programmes.

Information specific to the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences is available under Exchange Students.

Guest students

Guest students are students enrolled at non-partner universities and must pay tuition fees to the University of Copenhagen.

Read more about the Faculty's tuition fees and other requirements under Guest Students.

Language of Teaching

At both bachelor’s and master’s level, a number of semester courses, summer courses, clinical rotations, and projects are available in English for exchange students.

Bachelor’s degrees
All bachelor’s degree programmes at the faculty are taught primarily in Danish, therefore, only few courses are available in English.

Master’s degrees
Six of the master’s degree programmes offered by the faculty are offered in English while the remaining programmes are primarily in Danish.

The master’s degree programmes in English are:

Information on Danish language requirements and other admission requirements are available on the specific programme websites.

Programme structure and credit system

Most of the faculty’s degree programmes follow a 3 + 2 + 3 structure:

  • 3-year bachelor’s programme
  • 2-year master’s programme
  • 3-year PhD programme

 The exceptions are:

  • 3-year master’s programme in Medicine
  • 2.5-year master’s programme in Veterinary Medicine. 

In accordance with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), one year of full-time studies yields 60 ECTS.

Academic Calendar

The faculty’s study programmes are taught in semester and/or block structure.

The autumn semester runs 1 September – 31 January.

  • Block 1: September-mid-November
  • Block 2: mid-November – end-January

The spring semester runs 1 February – 30 June.

  • Block 3: February – mid-April
  • Block 4: mid-April – end-June

The international summer courses are taught block 5 (July-August) but certain courses have e-learning component that begins earlier.

Additional information can be found at the University of Copenhagen's portal for international students

Practical information

You may need additional practical information on, for example:

  • how and when to apply
  • living in Copenhagen
  • pre-semester Danish language course 
  • cross-disciplinary courses

Information is available on the University of Copenhagen’s portal for international students

Under Academic and Student Life, you can find faculty specific information