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Open online courses

The University of Copenhagen runs free online courses. Researchers from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences are involved, sharing their knowledge with the world. The courses are open to all, and thousands of people have already signed up to study subjects such as global health and diabetes research.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) target huge numbers of users from all over the world. ECTS credits are not awarded for MOOCs. As well as online educational material, the courses provide a forum for debate and allow users to share information and experiences.

Working with Coursera

The University of Copenhagen’s Massive Open Online Courses are arranged by Coursera, the leading platform for MOOCs.

The University has initially agreed to run eight Coursera courses in 2014. HEALTH took part in the courses An Introduction to Global Health and Diabetes – a Global Challenge and the faculty plans to run several other MOOCs. The University’s Coursera courses are all produced by the Faculty of Health and Medical Science’s recently established Centre for Online and Blended Learning (COBL).

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