Strategy – University of Copenhagen


Strategi Det Sundhedsvidenskabelige Fakultet

The strategy of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (SUND), Knowledge to Health, expands upon UCPH's Strategy 2016  and builds on feedback from managers, staff and students to the questions: Who are we as an institution? Where do we want to go? 


SUND consists of thousands of committed and ambitious staff and students who, on a daily basis, engage in generating, acquiring and exchanging new knowledge.

SUND is also a workplace that is characterized by openness to the outside world and by countless relations based on academic communities, mutual respect and creative synergy.

SUND contributes to the understand­ing of disease and it’s prevention, health promotion, diagnostics and treatment. The Faculty is consequently a key player in addressing some of the greatest societal challenges of our times.

SUND’s academic range, excellent teaching and research environments and substantial investment in new buildings and infrastructure provide an ideal platform for achieving our objectives. Our locations on Sealand and in the capital facilitate interaction with companies, regions, hospitals and local authorities to the benefit of clinical research, students, citizens and patients.

SUND will mobilise the new opportunities created by the merger of the medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary and animal sciences to refine its value­ generating collaborations with the business community and with other knowledge ­institutions in Denmark and abroad.


We will prepare our graduates for the complex and changing demands of todays careers. This means to ensure that they posses research skills and the newest theoretical and practical knowledge available.

SUND will improve the study programmes’ academic identi­ties and cultures, promote mutual inspiration and create opportunities to release the potential of the individual student. This contributes to our graduates’ academic and personal development.

SUND’s graduates will be in demand in the world of research, in public organisations and in private companies. We will therefore attract highly motivated and academically capable students and offer them research based programmes, high­ quality teaching, and a dynamic and inspiring study environ­ment.

SUND already conducts research at the highest international level. Our objective is that more cutting­ edge knowledge and working methods from research are incorporated into our programmes through an enhanced focus on teachers and teaching at its best.


Research pushes the boundaries of our comprehension, generates new knowledge and thereby value for society. Research creates the basis for the study programmes, and ensures that the graduates of the future have the best academic skills possible.

The science conducted by Faculty at SUND as well as in the hospitals must be of the highest quality. The means by which to achieve this are attractive and dynamic research environments.

The recruitment and development of researchers is a strate­gic priority. SUND will use its dynamic research culture to attract, motivate, develop and retain the highly valued Faculty. It is essential that we offer them the development opportunities required to attract and retain them.

Interdisciplinary research initiatives will help us address the broad, complex themes and challenges that lie outside the range of the individual disciplines. Our aim is to produce new, creative and innovative research with a comprehensive perspective that has the potential to solve the great societal challenges.

Ownership of, and participation in, prestigious, national and international research projects presupposes excellent scientific quality. It also requires initiative on the part of individual researchers, a modern infrastructure and colla­boration with the right administrative resources. SUND aspires to provide stimulating intellectual research environments based on integrity, expertise and freedom.

SUND’s research is conducted to high professional standards, within a culture that complies with both Danish and inter­national standards for good scientific practice.


Good conditions are crucial to excellent research and education. Good conditions create opportunities, generate new ideas, free up time, promote learning, provide job satisfaction and encourage interaction.

SUND’s fundamental framework is both our buildings, the rooms in which we work, the infrastructure we make avail­able and the administrative services provided. Our framework is more than just a physical one – it is also generated by the culture that we create together.

SUND is a knowledge­ organisation, and as such it thrives on new thinking, innovation and creativity. Modern research and education is a team performance in which the scientific, technical and administrative aspects must all interact. SUND therefore invests in good management and strong environments characterised by our mutual respect as individuals and as professionals.

Modern buildings, research infrastructure and state-of-the-heart IT are crucial to the Faculty. Talented staff and external funding are drawn to the places that have the best conditions for success. SUND will actively improve its infrastructure and physical facilities, in order to enhance our competitiveness in the years to come.

Management and administration are competitive parameters for a modern university. SUND’s administration exists for the users and must add value to the academic mission of the Faculty. We will develop a service­minded, competent and coherent administration. An innovative administration that is able to optimise the use of our common resources. We will prioritise a modern and professional management, in which participation and good communication guarantee legitimacy and clarity regarding decisions and work flows.

In this way, SUND will help to ensure that the entire University of Copenhagen has a coherent, customer focused administration.


SUND generates new and valuable knowledge that society needs. The knowledge-­based dialogue between SUND and society is fundamental to the Faculty and will help to ensure its place at the forefront of international competition.

SUND contributes to increased growth and employment in Danish society. What we do is important ­ and so we must do it well. But we are not alone in the market. Companies, foundations, and talented people seek partnerships wher­ever the academic environments are most formidable. The challenge is a global one and the competition for the best partners is evident. We acknowledge that­ and we thrive on that.

SUND will reach out and put its knowledge into play with citizens, politicians and in the public debate. SUND aims to offer continuing and professional education in which our activities act as a window for business partners and other stakeholders. This will contribute to profiling the Faculty and bring new knowledge and networks into the organisation.

SUND considers innovation to be the generation of new, creative thinking that produces value for society. Innovation arises from the encounter between researchers, students, citizens, along with private and public organisations, including hospitals. We aspire to let innovation thrive by embracing open intellectual inquiry and expression, public engagement, access to quick testing of new ideas as well as flexible administrative support.

SUND's mission is the framework for the strategy and builds on the Faculty values. The values are crucial to our efforts to provide research, research-based education and knowledge sharing.


SUND produces new knowledge and insight in a range of research disciplines – from molecule to society. We contribute to society through graduates, research and inventions for the future health and welfare of people and animals.


SUND represents quality, freedom and initiative. We work to ensure a culture that promotes com­munity, respect, mutual confidence and openness among staff and students.