Frequently asked questions about evaluation at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

How does the Faculty use the students’ evaluations?
The results of the evaluations are used by the course responsible and the study board in their work on developing and improving tuition for the benefit of the students. However, this requires that a sufficient number of students express their opinions in the evaluations. Therefore, we make a point at the Faculty of communicating the importance of evaluating and of creating a positive evaluation culture amongst students, lecturers, and the management.

Who distributes the questionnaires?
Education and Student Services (part of Faculty Services) is in charge of distributing questionnaires and processing the results of the evaluations, including communicating them to relevant stakeholders (students, course responsibles, study boards, heads of studies, and others). The unit carries out impartial evaluations in cooperation with the staff responsible for the study programme and the Dean’s office.

What is dialogue-based evaluation?
For some programmes, the evaluation of tuition is primarily dialogue based. This means that tuition is evaluated through systematic dialogue between the course responsible and the students at the end of the course. After this, the course responsible and the students jointly prepare a written follow-up for the head of studies and the study board.

How often are courses evaluated?
Evaluation of courses and other activities follows the University of Copenhagen’s minimum standards for evaluation, according to which all courses must be evaluated the first time they are offered and subsequently a minimum of every other time.

What is a study programme survey?
In a study programme survey, it is the entire study programme that is the object of study. It may be a survey of all new graduates or a survey of representatives of the companies and organisations that employ graduates.

What is an evaluation plan?
The staff members responsible for each study programme prepare an evaluation plan for each semester. The plan describes what parts of the tuition (courses, internships, supervision) should be evaluated for the semester in question. The evaluation plans are published on this page under the specific study programmes.

What is an evaluation report?
At the end of an academic year, the head of studies, on the background of discussions in the study board, amongst other forums, prepares an overall evaluation report on the evaluation of tuition for the study programme in question. The report describes what improvements will be initiated. It also highlights what works particularly well. The report is published on this page.

How do I find evaluations that were conducted before 2012? You are welcome to contact an evaluation officer at Education and Student Services, who will be able to provide you with the results of evaluations conducted before 2012 (if the results are available).