Head of Communications

Anéh Christina Hajdu
Mobile: +45 21 22 26 92



NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Amalie Langberg SchmidtWeb consultant  +45 353-30569E-mail
Amalie Vorting KristensenAcademic Officer Visitor Manager in the Maersk Tower responsible for concept and coordination of guided tours and other formats of communication to the public in the tower +45 93 56 58 04E-mail
Amanda Nybroe RohdeJournalist  +45 353-24159E-mail
Anders Buch-LarsenJournalist  +45 353-31702E-mail
Andreas WestergaardSenior Executive Consultant Strategic research and stakeholder communication through press, social media and events. +45 53 59 32 80E-mail
Anton WillemannCommunications consultant Student communication, student strategy, internal and external video production, strategic use of social media platforms +45 93 56 53 65E-mail
Anéh Christina HajduHead of Communication  +45 353-27863E-mail
Barbara Kjølbye ZinckernagelCommunications Consultant Consulting on and providing internal communications, knowledge sharing and management communications. +45 93 56 54 90E-mail
Cathrine Sixhøj CroneHourly paid student Internal news letter, infoscreen editing and layout +45 28 45 48 65E-mail
Cecilie KrabbeCommunications consultant External news and research mediation and press contact guidance +45 353-26269E-mail
Christina Juul LassenCommunications consultant  +45 353-27869E-mail
Helena Kirstine Sylvester-ArvedsenIT officer  +45 21 24 65 74E-mail
Jacob Lejbach SørensenCommunications consultant Responsible for video production at the faculty, including creative sparring on and production of management communications, internal and external branding, campaigns and news +45 353-27803E-mail
Klavs Bech RefstrupCommunications consultant  +45 353-32257E-mail
Kristine SnedkerSenior Executive Consultant Science communication, strategic counseling and message and media training of scientists and management. +45 353-34186E-mail
Kristine Borritz MilfeldtCommunications consultant  +45 353-24156E-mail
Maria Kræmmer BødtcherCommunications consultant Senior advisor and project manager. Stakeholder communication. External communication. Project manager for the faculty Culture Night 2017. +45 29 90 46 02E-mail
Mathias TraczykJournalist Internal and external news and research coverage. Working with the press, web channels and social media. +45 353-30887E-mail
Mette Løgeskov LundSenior adviser  +45 353-34935E-mail
Thomas RosenbomStudent Maintenance +45 353-34242E-mail
William Højgård DemantStudent Maintenance +45 353-33527E-mail