Long-term and Dedicated Research


The Faculty of Health and Medical Science has 5 large research centres of excellence and 24 smaller sections with centre status.

The centres each focus on one broad field of research. 

The centres are grouped in clusters of research units  that attract and retain the world’s best researchers and create the foundations for an international and innovative research environment of the highest quality.

The centres are financed by both public and private resources. Often grants are awarded for several years which allow the research to maintain focus. 

Research’s international centres of excellence

Icons of main Activities at the facultyMetabolism. Stem cells. Cancer. Protein Research and healthy aging. There is great breadth to the areas that are researched at the different centres at the faculty.

Common for all the centres is that each one focuses on one specialized field of research. This means that scientists can intensify their work in each specialized area.

A combination of public and private funding to these centres paves the way for a long-term perspective, that makes it possible to pursue a strong research vision, carried out by skilled highly specialized employees. The centres’ intense focus often leads to ground-breaking results.