SUND Seminar on Responsible Conduct of Research – University of Copenhagen

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SUND Seminar on Responsible Conduct of Research

All principal PhD supervisors must participate in a seminar on responsible conduct of research.

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»  3 May 2018 at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

SUND and SCIENCE are running the seminar jointly.

The seminar

The aim of the seminar is to promote responsible conduct of research and will provide the participants with tools to handle issues regarding research integrity and responsibility in their daily work. The seminar consists of approximately three hours of presentations and group discussions.

Topics include:

  • Responsible Conduct of Research
    Research Misconduct, and Questionable Conduct of Research including a brief history, terminology, definitions and a description of the institutions dealing with Responsible Conduct of Research and allegations for Research Misconduct
  • Authorship
    Including a presentation of the norms regarding publication, various kinds of deviations from these norms, and handling of the many grey zone issues to which the application of these norms give rise
  • The Role of the ‘Named Person’
  • Documentation of scientific results and handling and keeping of scientific data, and intellectual property
    Standards, rights and duties

Seminar Director is Professor Peter Sandøe (SUND/SCIENCE).


Participants are expected to read chapters 2 and 3 in the e-book RCR – A Danish textbook for courses in Responsible Conduct of Research (Jensen, Whiteley
& Sandøe (eds.). 

How is the seminar relevant to researchers? See reactions from participants in the seminar: